Body Selfie! Do you know what that is?

Body Selfie! Do you know what that is? Have you seen a photo of a Body Selfie? It’s just the body with no face and can sometimes be hard to identify who is in the photo. However when its a selfie like the one below its not hard to decide. This is none other than the well hung and beautiful Angeles Cid.

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You can tell from even this position how big her cock is. It looks like another leg. Thick and juicy and hanging down between her sexy smooth thighs and waiting for someone like you to stimulate it. Just walk up between her legs, and either reach down with your hands or with your lips and start to stroke her.

That cock will grow to its full length in no time and you will even be able to start watching her big tits move. As she breaths deeper and deeper as her excitement grows.

Body Selfie

There is also a hot video in the members area wearing that same electric blue outfit and its amazing. Its a great color her Angele’s skin!

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