Brunette or Blonde

Brunette or Blonde?

Now I am asking a lot of you with this one to try your best to pay attention. And yes just to fuck with you have have chosen a photo of Angeles that will steal your concentration time and again. So guys. Brunette or Blonde. How does she look better to you?
Ok Now for the first time I am going to ask you to quickly glance down and then right back up at the text! What color is her hair? Damn Lost 80% of you right there. And the the 80% of that who said Blonde. Booo On you! She is a brunette in this photo and not blonde.

She is shaved very well and naked so that has to count for something. Ok Go ahead. you are not paying attention any longer anyway. Yes that is Angeles Cid Brunette or Blonde does not matter as she is naked and just fucking hot. Those big round titties and that massive tranny cock showing and taking your attention. Always hard to keep your eye on the ball when there are two of them and a big cock to go with it.

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Brunette or Blonde

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