Panties and Heels

I have most likely talked about this before. But as you all know, Panties and heels area very important topic. Simply because we love to see a woman walking around in this type of thing. No bra is needed. And if her hair is down and flowing. All the better. Can you just imagine Angeles Cid wearing the outfit you see below and walking around the hotel room before she climbs up on the bed with you? How would you react and what would you do?

Click on the image below or a text link to see the rest of this uncut movie. You will love wanking to to this!

The Lingerie that Angeles is wearing was a fan gift. And that means that a member of her website set it to her to model, wear and jerk off in. And as you can see she has shared that video with you and now wants you wanking with her as she shows off her panties and heels. Are you ready, hard and wanting to blow your load? Click on the image below. Or watch the sample clip and then click.

This is the sample video. Enjoy this amazing body and huge tranny cock!

Do not forget that that sample image below is clickable. Oh and did you realize this is a screen grab from the actual movie? Yes it is. Big and clear just like her cock.
Panties and Heels

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