A Shower is something that we all do every day. But for some reason watching the woman of your dreams makes it into something sexy and sensual. Also it just makes you want to jump in and join the fun. But now, just imagine that the girl that is wet and soapy is none other than Angeles Cid. Trans doll. Big tits dripping water. Ass wet and soapy to the touch. And the water cascading down her stomach to drip and pour down off her semi erect cock. Click here to see now!

Then she takes hand full of soap and takes her massive fat cock into her hand and starts to lather it. Stroking slowly and gently. Rubbing the soap along the shaft to the head of her cock and then all the way back. Around and down on her balls and then reaching slowly under to clean her tight tranny ass hole. Could you just reach out and help her? Feeling her cock grow fat and harder as you both stroke the shaft together?

If that sounds hot to you and you want to watch her doing this. Then Click on a text link or the image below. Both take you to the website so that you can join her members area and watch the uncut video of Angeles Cid in the Shower!


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