Panties. Do you like them on or off?

Panties. Do you like them on or off?

Panties are often one of the sexiest things a woman can wear. And when a Trans woman wears them they are even hotter because they have to hid her cock. Or bulge if you like that thought better. As you can see in the photo below that is a bit of a difficult thing for me as no matter how big they are. Or also have well they are cut. The never seem to cover enough of my cock. Even when I have it tucked back and under. Well? Do us all a favor and make some comments about this photo in the area below. I love reading them and so do most of the site fans. Let everyone know what you are thinking and how you plan to cum with me.

Click the image below of me and take a look at the rest of this hot set of photos!

I am certain that you love the look in that photo. Furthermore I am certain that you want to see a lot more. Not just my hard cock standing up. But also my tight and sexy love hole and my pink tunnel that needs your cock.

Do not miss this chance to join me for some hot fun.

Otherwise if you want to see a few more samples of these big tranny tits and Big tranny cock. Click on the text and enjoy!

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