Butt Plug fun!

Butt Plug fun! Hey guys. I was getting ready for the guys to show up and do the photos and videos for my site. And I started thinking about how much cum will be spilled on the floor and in hands and across keyboards. I think its a staggering amount. And of course that got me hot. So I put in a butt plug to make me even hotter for the work. Once the guys arrived they thought it was hot so told me to leave it in. So we shot this first video for you. I hope you love it. My ass was tingling and my nipples were so hard!

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Butt plug

Hope you like this little clip. I know that you will love the whole movie of me working my love hole with the butt plug and then stroking my fat hard cock!

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Anal toys for Angeles Cid!

Anal toys for Angeles Cid! When there is not a cock around hot trans girls like me have to settle for Anal Toys! For the most part that is ok. But really a toy never can be as good as the real thing. So if you have your cock out right now and its getting hard. That will get mine hard and I want to watch! One thing I love to do is tickle a mans cock with my finger nails while it grows hard in my hand and also his!

Right now its time to decided. Do you want to play with your cock alone? Or also let me play with it??

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Anal Toys

While I wait for you to join me, Im going to get started working my ass with this toy!

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